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Quinoa Price Comparison Chart
 Where are the best places to purchase quinoa? Here is a chart so you can see for yourself.
  Cost per PackageSize of Package

No. of Servings

(1/4 cup, dry)

 Cost per Serving*Comments
supermarket$4.39 - $5.49  12 oz. 7.5$0.59 - $0.73 organic 
local natural foods store #1$4.45 bulk  10/lb. $0.45 "regular" organic quinoa
local natural foods store #1$4.85 bulk 10/lb.  $0.49 red quinoa, organic
local natural foods store #1 $4.85bulk  10/lb. $0.49black quinoa from Bolivia, organic 
local natural foods store #1 #11.99 26 oz. 16$0.75 organic 
national natural foods store #1$3.99 16 oz. 11 $0.36 organic 
membership warehouse club$9.35 4 lbs. 42 $0.22 organic 
farmers marketnot available     
 * determined the prices given here by reviewing food products at Mid-Atlantic supermarkets or stores in March 2011. If an item was found to be on sale, it is noted. Food items are either “store brand” or “branded” products. The later refers to nationally available branded products. The prices you find may vary, depending on your location and retailer.
Dr. Barb's Analysis: Although you have to buy a large quantity, the 4 pounds of quinoa at a membership warehouse store offers the best value, at $0.22 per serving. Quinoa should keep at least a year. For best storage, put quinoa in a sealed glass or plastic container with a tight fitting lid. Store in a cook, dry, and dark place. Quinoa can keep for greater than one year if it is stored as just described and kept away from sunlight and heat.
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